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New spirit jellies and other additions to the prototype!

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-new spirit jelly companions!
-implemented level streaming
-added "spirit tunnels" that teleport you to different realms
-New "cinematic" intro added (more on that on future update)
-added more spirit obstacles
-adjustable background fog trigger system included
-gamestart sequence is finally connected to the game flow

Hey everyone! Made it just in time for a February update. Things have been crazy here with the game development and my own personal art projects. For those who don't keep up with updates in Instagram, I've added spirit jellies! They follow, they help, they protect. I have huge things planned for them, and will be essential to your gameplay health. Still have a lot of bugs to iron out, but for the most part they follow, play animations, sacrificeđź’€, and idle just fine. Another huge update is the intro flow. With level streaming, things are much more organized and now you can bootup the game, get to the title "start game", play through the cinematics, and finally get to the main gameplay seamlessly. I know that sounds like something that should already come premade, but everything has to be built from nothing! .
I know I don't show much but fear not, I plan to have a demo ready for testing in summer. I'm gonna release it to a select few, and soon after to the public after I've gone through a round of testing and improvements.
Please remember, that the graphics are all just placeholders. Once the flow and mechanics are solid, I will hire people to really improve the graphics đź’». I always love when developers release prototype content, even if it's ugly... It's so fascinating to see how the game is constructed and grows. So maybe someone out there would enjoy it as well? Lol Anyways, thanks again for the support! You can find much more updates not shown on here on my instagram:

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