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Unseen Spirits is a 1st-person, dark fantasy adventure

about inner demons, forbidden activities, and ghost-jelly companions!

You control a villager, brought to life on a pair of isolated islands.
As the villager grows, so does his negativity towards life.
After an upsetting event, the villager is called to the forbidden forest by a mysterious entity.
This entity leads him through a rabbit hole, unveiling a hidden realm of demons and spirits.

His curiosity drives him to explore deeper.... but how far into darkness can one go, without light?


-First-Person adventure that combines the fantastical visuals similar to Ghibli/Zelda,

but not afraid to go dark (like "Alice")

-Interactable puzzles that require mastery of mechanics

-A variety of creatures and villagers that you will either have to befriend, protect, or defeat.

-Inventory system and currencies that allows for upgrading, exploration, and progression.

-A Dialogue system that explores dialogue expression with pictures and text


My name is Bryan Walter, I have worked in the film industry for 4 years as a VR Previs 3D artist
(Most notable works being Jungle book, Ready Player One, Archangel VR , and SYFY's Eleven-Eleven VR).

...and it's been my dream to develop my games full-time

For the past 5 years, I'd spend every possible moment outside work developing this game.

Eventually, I saved up some money to take time off and focus on this project 100%.
I am filled with determination to finally get this game done!

The goal is to get as much of the essential portion of the game done before going live with a kickstarter.
If that goes well, I want to use that money to hire talent to

beef up the placeholder art (and help pay for the bills lol)

It hasn't been easy, but I have gotten a lot of support and help along the way!
I invite you to join me on this journey of game development, as I try to push this game to the very end!

Feel free to follow or contact me here
(you'll see way more updates on IG):

Thank you!

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April 2020 Update

News 2 comments

- Updated Inventory System Graphics
- Improved SFX
- Updated icons/HUD visuals
- added bosses
- New and improved enemies
- day/night feature in spirit realm
- Improved/updated spirit orb collectibles/sfx
- overall performance
- published for downloadable testing to select testers

I know it's been a while, I sort of have a habit of coming in and out of online silence. However, the work never stopped and here's what I managed to get done for this year. From here it's a matter of pushing this game to get a demo version out for everyone to try out for free. Just give me a lil time, and i'll do my best to get it out to yall asap!

Unseen Spirits: November Update

Unseen Spirits: November Update


Hugely improved inventory mechanics/visuals, working spirit jelly functionality, and improved interactions!




- New enemy NPCs being prototyped - performance improvements (replaced ticks with timelines) - crosshair type improvements.

August Update

August Update


Internally optimized and updated the inventory system and added new features!

March Update

March Update

News 2 comments

Updated dialogue system that now spawns quest items to players utilizing spreadsheets.

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