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ADR continues moving forwards with new systems implemented, the menu system having being created gameplay subsystems and artificial intelligence code being implemented.

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ADR swiftly moves forward as the menu system and its subsystem components is added into the game along with adding character customisation options and an achievement system. Stage selection to progress to other stages is added along with integrating the Bonus stages and Special stage rounds.

The menu system ties directly into the players saved data file in order to continue a previous game along with gameplay options screen for setting various elements such as music, dialogue, sound effects volume, keyboard/mouse and gamepad binding including toggling in-game options such as visible Hint actors. Pause menu functionality has been added along with direct access to the options screen.

Functionality for the results screen has been included taking the players score and adding various bonus points (Ring, Time bonus; No miss bonus) along with stage length - elapsed time deduction points like in the official games. Artificial intelligence code is currently being implemented with Egg pawns and Flickies currently working in game with the Egg pawns becoming startled when seeing the player and chase after them and when in close proximity take a swipe at the player. When destroyed they spawn the classic small animal (Flickie) that will flee when near any Badniks or will run/bounce to the player if spotted and following them around or just go on their own little adventure wandering around the stage.

Other notable mentions:

Homing attack controls have been tightened up. Game intro screens, credits screen, phased platforms and stage loading and respawn screens have been added to the game.

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