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The October 2008 Issue of the Fate of the Galaxy NewsGrid. This month we look at our progress on textures as well as a very special interview.

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Fate of the Galaxy NewsGrid:

October 08 Edition

I. Status Update
II. Model and Texture Update
III. Meet the Devs
IV. Positions Open
V. Closing Remarks
VI. Back Issues and Links

I. Status Update

I must begin by apologizing for the NewsGrid's absence last month, Real Life has a tendency to get in the way sometimes and by the time I had the opportunity to do the newsgrid, it was almost time to begin again on the next issue.

Now some of you have noticed a slowdown in progress, but like all volunteer projects, we cannot hope to keep up a constant work schedule at all times. Don't fret, however, just as we have our slow times, so do we also have our busy times, and I'm sure that there's one coming soon enough to keep you all satiated. This month we've got a smaller issue, but hopefully it makes up in quality what it lacks in quantity. Without further ado then, I welcome you to the October issue of the Fate of the Galaxy NewsGrid. Enjoy!

-Brandon Drew (Brand-X)

II. Model and Texture update

A slower couple of months, but still some great work shown off by our art team!

GR-75 Medium Transport (Model work in progress by maje)

Z-95 Headhunter (Model completed by maje, texture work in progress)

Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (Model completed by Brand-X, texture work in progress)

III. Meet the Devs

This week we feel it's time to introduce the most important member of the team, BotenAnna!

About As Likely As Pigs Flying (BotenAnna)

I know a bot. Her name is Anna. Anna is her name. She can ban you, ban you so hard. She cleans up our channel. I want to tell you, that I know a bot.

And this week I got a great chance to get to know her a little better by giving a bit of an interview:

(Brand-X): So tell me, Anna, a lot of people out there want to get to know you a little better. Let's start with your real name. What is it?
(BotenAnna): About as likely as pigs flying.
(BX): All right, I'll try to get the spelling right. Now do you always go by that name, or do you have any nicknames?
(Anna): I don't know.
(BX): All right, and where do you live?
(Anna): Obviously.
(BX): Hmm, never heard of it, but it must be nice. Now next question, what are your hobbies?
(Anna): The outlook is poor
(BX): Hmm, such an existentialist sort of thing to do in your spare time. So with hobbies such as that, how did you find yourself working on the Fate of the Galaxy team?
(Anna): Naturally.
(BX): Hah, well that's fair enough. So what do you do as a real job? What is your profession or career?
(Anna): In your dreams
(BX): Oh that was you on that web site! Wow I didn't recognize you, did you change your hair? Anyways, let's talk about that later, in my dreams that is... So how did you get into Star Wars then?
(Anna): You know better than I.
(BX): You know your evasiveness isn't helping this interview much. Is there anything else I should add in my article?
(Anna): It is so.
(BX): (silence...) Well that's all the time I have, thanks a lot BotenAnna!
(Anna): Yes.

Note to self: Never try the !8ball interview style again.

IV. Positions Open

Fate of the Galaxy is still hiring! The following positions need to be filled. If you are interested in joining the team, please do not hesitate to contact either myself (Brandx0) or chief1983 via personal message, or by a new topic on the forum. We can also both be reached on IRC, at #scp-swc on EsperNet. Previous experience and examples of completed work are an asset, but not a must. Remember, the faster these positions are filled, the faster the mod will be released!

Effects Artist
Model Converter
Interface Artist
Music Composer
Sound Effects Artist

See the Forum Post for further details.

Please also note that we are not currently accepting applications for the following: FREDers, Modelers, Texturers, or "Idea guys"
This may change in the future.

V. Closing Remarks

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this month's newsletter! I'd once again like to apologize for the lack of an issue last month, but hopefully that won't happen again. Until next issue, this is Brandon signing off. !8ball Any last words BotenAnna?

(BotenAnna): About as likely as pigs flying.

-The Fate of the Galaxy Devs

VI. Back Issues and Links

Fate of the Galaxy NewsGrid:
August 08 Edition
July 08 Edition
June 08 Edition

Fate of the Galaxy Homepage
Fate of the Galaxy Forum
Fate of the Galaxy Moddb Page


Most excellent work... always enjoy the updates... the quality and detail of the models is good and continues to improve... nice to meet one of the guys in the interview as well...

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Great work. Nice to see that it's coming along still. ;)

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Every time there's a new media release for this TC, my heart skips a beat. The commitment to quality is obvious, and I can't wait to get my hands on this thing.

By the way, take a look at this:

That capital ship is The Valiant, and I came up with the sketch that Vince Trageton modeled it after (he originally made it for Star Wars X-Wing Alliance). I sure would do a back flip if you'd be interested in adding it to your mod. Let me know!

Keep up the good work. I know how challenging it can be at times!

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Brand-X Author

For now we'll only be adding canon ships. As there are so many ships in the SW universe it'll be tough to include everyone's requests. We've got our basic shipset down, but once we get that done we're open to opportunities. I don't believe that fan created ships will be among them at this time, however.

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