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The sandbox mode offers a few configurable extras to make it more entertaining. Tweak physics, particle effects and slow motion/bullet time.

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While the campaign in Blood & Bullet is going to be as realistic as possible, the sandbox mode is meant to be focused on action and not deal with the consequences. It is going to offer all the equipment and features that are available in the campaign, and in addition to that it has a number of configurable extras that change its visuals and how it plays. They are as follows.

The extra options in sandbox mode

Wound power multiplier

This changes how far blood is ejected from wounds. Dial it up and the opponents will become fountains.

Wound power turned up

Particles multiplier

It modifies the overall number of particles from emissions. Both for emissions coming from bodies and from non-living things such as floors and doors.

Particles multiplier turned up

Force multiplier

This scales up the amount of force imparted on characters when they are hit by projectiles.

Projectile force multiplier turned up

Floating corpses

When this is activated unconscious bodies are not affected by gravity.

Body floating away

Player and artificial intelligence

You can also chose to watch while the computer controls all the characters and plays by itself. You just untick the player control box. You can also turn off the opponent AI so that you can play with them without getting shot at.

All the extra settings

Here is a video that shows all of the optional extras in the sandbox mode. It also gives better justice to the graphics since the animated GIFs are heavily compressed:

Time controls

There is also a number of controls that change how time flows. Bullet time is activated on conditions that you specify. For example you can set it up so that time flows slower a number of seconds each time the player fires. Slow motion is different from bullet time. It is toggled on and off by the press of a key and you can configure how slow it should be. Below is a video showing how it works:

Name change coming up: Crisis Response

Soon Blood & Bullet will change name to Crisis Response. I am changing the name because I have a clearer idea of what the game is going to be than I did when I named it "Blood & Bullet" something like 5 (!) years ago. Crisis Response is a much better name for it. The IndieDB URL will change but for everyone who follows here through the site the change should be seamless.

Thank you for reading and please leave a comment!

PS. You can also follow me on twitter where I give almost daily status updates: @bloodandbullet

Allfather - - 158 comments

So... what is the point of aiming?

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Pe†eR-KuN - - 1,785 comments

for the HOSTAGES!

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isbeorn Author
isbeorn - - 837 comments

Yeah that's the big challenge with 2D movement and aiming. However, there is a sophisticated system for physiology so where you hit makes a big difference in the survival rate of your opponents (in the campaign you want them to survive if you can). Also there is over-penetration: you need to control where stray bullets end up to minimize damage (again applies more to the campaign than the sandbox).

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isbeorn Author
isbeorn - - 837 comments

There's also a mechanic that enables you to shoot past characters without hitting them. That way you can be selective between friends and foes.

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RonBurgundy420 - - 1 comments

I've been following for a little while now and just wanted to leave some encouraging words. I had tons of fun with the earlier build/tech demo thing, and the new video looks great. Cool stuff all around and I can't wait to play a more final version.

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isbeorn Author
isbeorn - - 837 comments

Thank you. I feel quite confident that the new version will be the same kind of fun, and of course there's new stuff too :)

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