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In Ben The Exorcist you are not powerless, you have weapons and God Faith to fight back.

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In BenTheExorcist you aren’t powerless against the ghosts that haunt Witherspoon family house.

You have weapons!

First of it is Cross and words of exorcism.

Aim cross at your enemy and start exorcism. It will take a while so during it you have to avoid attacks and keep safe distance. After that ghost is send to astral dimension and you gained few minutes of peace.

To survive in haunted hause you need to know where the danger comes from. You can follow the sound of footsteps but sometimes it can to be to late.
Alternative to this is rosary - kind of ghost detector, that spins faster the closer to ghost you are.

The third weapon is holy water.

Find a water source and bless it. It is good to take some of it with you.

In my opinion this weapon is the most useful one, becouse it have 3 effects:

1) It puts ghosts in temporal agony state, so they can't move.

2) When ghost back to its senses he will be slowed.

3) You are able to pass through agonizing ghost. This can be halpful when you are cornered.

The last weapon in our arsent is... UV Flashlight.

It is rather accesory then weapon, but still you are able to add it to your main inventory.

Thanks to it you are able to find old blood traces. Without it you won't discover whole story that happend in this Haunted Hause.

And thats all... I hope that you like it. And now you can easly imagine how fighting looks like in Ben The Exorcist.

Except the fact, that each ghost have a special and unique attack... but this will be a secret for now :)

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