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New version of Ex Vitro available for download. Includes updated engine, new lighting system, new special effects, new original music, and more quality of life features.

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Here is another overdue version of Ex Vitro! Version 0.94

As per usual, plans changed, so I'm updating the game once more, as I decided that I wanted to entirely revamp the engine to the latest version of Game Maker Studio (2.0). Along with that came a multitude of headaches and bugs, and I essentially had to scour most of the game code to get it working again.

The positive side is that it should run a heck of a lot better than any previous versions, and hopefully runs on most people's computers now. There isn't much in the way of new game content, but there are a lot of quality of life improvements that hopefully make it seem a little less 'old-school'. Also, there is a brand new lighting system that uses dynamic shadows and colored lighting, new special effects like blurring and distortions, and 3 brand new music tracks.



Updates in 0.94

- Upgraded engine to Game Maker Studio 2

- New lighting system

- New special effects

- 3 new, original sound tracks by Sam Saluci

- Renamed EMP to XMP

- XMP singlets are tracked on map by zone

- New Teleporter station

- Charged XMP shot now destroys many obstacles, including metal gates

- Updated Item screen

- Mouse scrolling changes current beam

- Weapon damage increased across the board

- Added an in-game help page

- Datalogs and XMP singlets have particle effects now

- Added cursor locking to window as an option

- Added ability to turn off music and/or ambient noises in options

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