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Post news RSS Entry 017 - Just keep walking

Here we have a post with two more animations, the idle and death ones to be more precise.

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Hey there, good looking people!

What? Something actually interesting being posted for once? That's nice.

We have already posted the walk and jump animation, as you can see here. But in today's post, Valeriya has worked on two more animations, so here we have our protagonist's idle and death animation.

As for the idle animation, this one is quite simple. Magnus is standing in place, only breathing and waiting for the player to move him and interact with the world around him.

The death animation went through some rougher times, we didn't know what we wanted for that one, but we ended up with Magnus collapsing since he is in a dream and all it seems more fitting for the animation to be similar to someone collapsing.

Here at our team, we are feeling a bit like Dory, you know? A tad bit confused and lost, so we "just keep swimming", or walking in our case, and we are trying to do as much as possible with our skillset. There have been a couple of setbacks but those end up being lessons that we use to better ourselves.

This is all we have for this week.
Thank you for all the support, be good people!

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