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Post news RSS Entry 016 - Casual Conversation

Just some small talk about this week and a video os two of the members working.

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Hey there, good looking people!

How are you doing? Well, we hope. Oh, us? We are doing just fine, thanks for asking, although this week has been a bit full, both at work and on a personal level for us.
Even though we had some more work this week it wasn't related fully to our game, Nigh7mares, so, yeah, we don't have anything new to show you, since it pretty much resumed to us working yesterday.

We actually decided to film a small video with two of our members that were working really hard on their respective parts. We haven't really had the chance to show our faces so here you have a full view of our napes, which is good enough.

Our first member is Rodrigo, the game developer, who has been giving his best in a subject that isn't even his forte. He has been searching and developing a lot of code whilst trying to help out in the art department, which is a bit behind schedule, but Valeriya will soon catch up.

We are really sorry that this week's post is a bit underwhelming, considering our ugliness, but we are going to give you some more art and code-related content next week.
Thank you for all the support, be good people!

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