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Welcome to the very first announcement on Ethereal Muse's: Project Encore. Over the past year we have been working hard to fabricate what had used to be, an imagination. Using music as a source of weaponry! Recently, there has been many new updates, including the progress of a playable demo! We want to provide entertaining progress updates for everyone in hopes of getting support. We will work hard to make this game come true!

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Please see our "Game" Page


SinKing - - 3,119 comments

the final model must have onated too much and gone blind ;)

I read most of this and am still trying to figure out what this newsflash wants to tell me. Casting a spell is called onating, heh. Got that.

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Daystranger - - 327 comments

Interesting idea...
Playing as disproportioned little musician girls is not for me, sorry.

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Supermedo - - 6 comments

impressive really !!!
the idea is totally unique & the characters looks good to
the idea of the combat system is great

i wish to the team good luck .

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Keptron - - 509 comments

The idea is good

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Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

Yah this is incredible concept idea. I really will download this when it's out looks awesome. Great work.

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etherealmuse Author
etherealmuse - - 37 comments

Thanks for all your feedback! Just to let you know there will be more than one character. More than one instrument. More details, images, and videos will be released!

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vfn4i83 - - 692 comments

Hmmmm really interesting.

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Dremth - - 1,400 comments

oh my sweet jesus... i want that scythe looking guitar

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FW:ToW_Sushi - - 1,450 comments

Looks great, guys! I'd definitely be interested in playing this when you're finished!

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DuckSauce - - 969 comments

awesome concept :D
saw a video earlier without knowing what it was from.. now I do :D

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