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In this week's recap we take a look at SALSA a nice (read simple and quick) facial animation system for Unity. There's also a short video showing off the entirety of our GGJ16 project, check it out!

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Hello game developers!

Starting this week, I, Lech Plešec, will be handling the introductions of these posts, I will be your realtor once you buy the game!

This week the guys have been looking into SALSA from the Unity asset store and Krister leveled up, he is now a 35 levels of age, Game Programmer.

Jona : I've done some painting, here's another pass on the cobble stones, I think this has taken about 20 hours, which is an insane amount of time.

Hopefully I'll manage to get faster the more of these I paint.

Cobble stones final
Cobble stones final

We've bought a lot of asset packs during the recent sales, we'll naturally be posting reviews and what we're using all our asset packs for on the blog, currently, you'll have to make due with a test video for SALSA.

Setting that up took less than 2 hours and that was including the creation of morph targets, additionally, it was my first time using the asset pack.

This, which uses the same sound and a custom animation running the length of the clip took about the same time, but it looks and was super random and would have to be setup for every single sound clip in a game.

On a final note this, my happy birthday wish for Krister which is also using SALSA, took less than 30 minutes to set up. Sadly I managed to dislocate the jaw in this test so the teeth make an already disturbing video even more so..

I'm impressed with SALSA so far and I'd recommend you pick it up at the sale, I've yet to create final tweaks to morph targets and settings inside of Unity, yet it's looking pretty cool.

This project is going to be so amazing, trust me!


That was the best birthday gift a programmer could get, unless you count... STUFF!

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