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KJ Interactive, which contrary to popular belief does not stand for Krister and Jona (the founding fathers' names) Interactive.

KJ just happens to be both of our nickname, literally translated from Swedish we are, programmer "Krister Bastard" and technical artist "Choir the Slap Jona". We form a duo which has worked on multiple shipped titles for a myriad of different platforms.

Beside creating games we have history in teaching our craft, from High School level all the way up to University level in both Europe and Asia. We also create tutorials which can be found on our social media channels.

We strive to create fun and innovative games for a diverse audience, at KJ we believe that gaming is for everyone.

You can find out more what we are up to by liking our Facebook page and visiting our development blog.

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Beneath the Waves

Beneath the Waves

Point and Click

Your love for travel and writing has so far always paid your bills, but these days travel books and articles all contain the same information. That’s...

Eco Tales: My Item Shop

Eco Tales: My Item Shop

Role Playing

Eco Tales: My Item Shop is the story about you, a fledgling merchant with big dreams and small means.

Chummy Fishes

Chummy Fishes


Chummy Fishes is a reaction based puzzle game where your wits are as important as your ability to make snap decisions. In Chummy Fishes you take on the...

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Concept art of Marielle Allard for our upcoming adventure game Beneath the Waves. #indiedev #gamedev #gameartT.co

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New #conceptart of Marielle, custodian of hotel La Mère Allard. #indiedev #gamedev #gameart #indiegameloverT.co

Jan 29 2018

Lowpoly done now it's truly #gameart Goo.gl can you tell it's a #blobfish ? #gamedev #indiedevT.co

Jan 24 2018

Got the final skin sculpt done @pixologic 's #zbrush is truly amazing for #gamedev and vital to my… T.co

Jan 23 2018