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The team has made outstanding progress in the past month and a half, and we're ready to show off our new material!

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Status Update
We've been reworking the mission scripts and other design features of the actual game storyline, and we're glad to say that the campaign is coming along smoothly. The rework of the scripts have added a new level of depth to the storytelling narrative; and what's more it's seriously sped up the development progress for our mission creators.

GTB Hera
The GTB Hera is the heaviest Terran bomber, with a formidable array of no less than 10 forward mass-driver or particle hardpoints, and three point-defense turrets. But of course, that's only the half of it, as you can fit hundreds of short-range rockets or dozens of high-yield antimatter warheads into its enormous missile tubes. Created by blowfish, with maps courtesy of FreeSpaceKing.

(please note that these are only renders, they're not in-game shots)

GTB Hera GTB Hera
GTB Hera GTB Hera

Mission Screenshots
A few screenshots from the missions themselves.

A pilot of an Ezechiel fighter tries to find his way in a rapidly changing world...
Missions Missions

Escorting a convoy of freighters through a volatile asteroid field.

This is not a prerendered cutscene. By utilizing the powerful cutscene simulation functions added by the FreeSpace SCP team, we are able to use the game engine itself for certain plot sequences. In the future, we may even create interactive cutscenes and quicktime events.

An enormous Terran battleship turns a rogue Vasudan destroyer into space junk.


Stay Tuned!
That's all for today folks. However, with progress accelerating on all fronts due to the summer holidays, expect much bigger updates in the future.

Nathanius - - 2,305 comments


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calmflow - - 113 comments

Loving that music, really well concieved, fits space warfare immaculately.

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Mobius89 - - 438 comments

Exclusive music tracks are one of ED's most impressive features. As far as I know, we have more exclusive tracks than any other FS mod based on the FreeSpace Universe.

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Maaack - - 11 comments

The music is good, though I wonder if you've tried turning the techno grind down by about 9 decibels when the high pitched notes come in. Just the first half-second reminded me of the beginning of Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, too, which is not a complaint. I think its great that a mod is getting this caliber of musical treatment to back up its visual work.

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btwils04 - - 1 comments

awesome stuff guys, cant wait to see more

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