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Mushroom Crusher gets Online Co-op mode! Read more about it and other additions.

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Heydo, Mushroom Crushers! Winter holidays are almost here, and it means people getting together. And, in the Shroom world, you don’t need to be close to get together anymore, as we’re introducing Online Co-op mode! It’s a big one, so let’s take a look.

Online Co-op Mode

If you’ve already been enjoying mushroom crushing in Local Co-op, you will love this!
You can have matches with your Steam friends by playing in Friends mode or search for partners around the world on Public mode. However, we do recommend you select the region closest to yours when searching for a match - that way you can avoid lag as much as possible. When you play in Friends mode, the server region is picked according to the host player’s location. The regions available for search now are: USA - East (default), USA - West, Europe and Asia.

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If that’s not enough to get you excited, you can shoot happy greetings or creative insults to your co-op partner through the in-game chat, available both in the menus and while playing the levels. Or better, you can decide on your strategy together to show those Shrooms who’s boss!

The level you play can be selected only by the host. However, the other player is able to suggest a level by clicking on it in the Level Select menu—mushroom crusher is democratic business! Though both of the participating players need to have a level unlocked in order to play it in co-op.

In the Online Co-op mode, the Accomplishment count works differently from the Local Co-op. Most of the Accomplishments are earned by players individually, calculated by their personal progress. However, several Accomplishments require teamwork to be unlocked. For example, in order to unlock Fiery Day, both players need to have only Fire spells equipped, when clearing Day levels. Now that’s co-op!

Though, when it comes to loot it’s all about the individual gain. Most of the items dropped in the levels will only be visible to the one player who gets them. That way, each of the players will get their own Trinkets and Spores. The exception is Health Extracts. Yes, Pratumea has universal healthcare!

Minor Additions and Fixes

In light of the holidays, we’ve added some zing to the level graphics. The changes should be visible during the winter holidays, bringing the cheer to all your mushroom crushing affairs.

Holiday Visz

Among the fixes: from now on, if you get a stacked pick-up (i.e. three spores in one single spore pick-up), each of the spores counts as a point towards completing the Hoarder Accomplishment (which requires you to collect total 3000 pick-ups). Your path towards being a hoarder is now made easier.

There are several balancing adjustments made, concerning Trinkets, Spore drops and Spell stats. We’ve also made the Frozen Lagoon levels a bit easier - consider that an X-mas gift!

Some other bug fixes were added in this version. You can find the full changelog for this update in our dedicated forum thread.

We would love to hear your opinions about the latest update and Mushroom Crusher in general! Share them with us on our Steam Community forum and subscribe to our Twitter and Facebook for regular MCE news updates.

That’s all! Happy Holidays to everyone!

booman - - 3,651 comments

Awesome! Great to see more co-op games and local/online capabilities. Thanks for the hard work!
So will I need to purchase two copies in order to play offline? Like a local network game?

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val_tjr Author
val_tjr - - 14 comments

Hi and thanks for your comment!

To play offline co-op, you only need one copy of the game. That would mean you and your friend playing on the same computer.

Apologies for the shamefully late reply!

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