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In our first update for 2019, we will be showing off some Concept Art for Domesticated Creatures. Expect regular Weekly to Bi-Weekly updates from here on (until otherwise noted).

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Domesticated Creatures of Althas

Hello, it’s been quite a long while. We won’t lie and pretend these last two years have been all smooth sailing, and the team has changed quite a lot. But we’ve persevered and remained committed to Althas’s vision, and in many ways we feel stronger than we’ve been in a long, long time. We now feel prepared to reemerge and begin sharing our work with you. We have quite a lot to show you in the coming weeks and you will become acquainted with a number of new members through their work.

Today, we’ll be starting things off with some creature concept work by Amanda Starlein, our 2D Art Department Lead whose work you will be seeing a lot more of both in concepts and in-game illustration. In Althas, we want our creatures to have a distinctive flair whenever possible. From Althas versions of common animals, to creatures inspired by European mythologies, to original creature designs entirely, we want Althas’s fauna to feel uniquely its own. For today we are focusing on domestic creatures:

Norther Bull by Amanda Starlein

Bull by Amanda Starlein

Northern Cow by Amanda Starlein

Cow by Amanda Starlein

Northern Calf by Amanda Starlein

Calf by Amanda Starlein

These particular northern bovine were among the first domesticated creatures of the northern regions, discovered roaming across the Narthendar Highlands in the early Mythical Age. Accustomed to the colder temperatures of the North, their long, soft fur is a renowned product in many northern regions while their milk and meat also serve as cornerstones of the region’s cuisine. Over time, these cattle were brought down into South Narthendar as well.

Their horns are also well known and distinct, the hard plate on their brow ideal for ramming into rivals or threatening predators.

Northern Ram by Amanda Starlein

Ram by Amanda Starlein

Northern Sheep by Amanda Starlein

Sheep by Amanda Starlein

Lamb by Amanda Starlein

Lamb by Amanda Starlein

These sheep, a cross between the sheep found across the Althas plains and the breeds that roam in the mountains of Narthendar, have over the years become the mainstay. The wool they provide goes into many furniture pieces and clothing found in the region.

Rams are fast and very protective of the herd. Their horns can be cause serious harm and their charge is deceptively threatening.

Hen by Amanda Starlein

Hen by Amanda Starlein

Rooster by Amanda Starlein

Rooster by Amanda Starlein

Originally discovered in Driesefair long ago, these chickens have become the primary breed found throughout the northern half of the continent. The Hens are kept for their meat and eggs, and the Roosters watch over them. Hens are also well known for their bright red feathers, which can sometimes scare off predators, and Roosters for their beautiful multi-colored tail feathers.

Be careful if you are to get between a Rooster and his Chickens, as Roosters can prove quite fierce.

I would also like to mention that we have a new set of community forums. We would like to encourage all our fans to please visit and discuss the project at Forum.epochgames.co.uk</

And as mentioned above: please expect for Weekly to Bi-Weekly Updates from this day forward. We want to bring you a wide range of updates from 3D Art, Music, Graphic Design, Lore Articles, In-game screenshots and more!


Yay! An update!

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