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At "Les Jeux de Bebel" we have many ideas ! Really, a lot of ideas !!!

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At "Les Jeux de Bebel" we have many ideas !

Really, a lot of ideas !!!

Therefore, our homemade engine must be able to transform itself on demand.

To do this, I created a base class called BebelScene which represents a scene of a game.

It contains the basic functions that can easily be found in most games:

  • A character management system
  • A marker system to find your way in a scene
  • A physics system
  • A system of depth

Of course, all these elements are optional and can be activated or not depending on the utility.

To create " Les Nains du Nord " we created a "PointAndClick" game base containing a menu action system.

This base can be used in our next games but " Les Nains du Nord " is a particular PointAndClick with 3 active characters at the same time. It was therefore necessary to create a particular scene.

Nothing very complicated here, just a different management of the multiple characters =)

Many other projects are waiting in our files and the different scenes are waiting to be created. We have already created a text scene for a potential story game but this... is another story =p

So, it's the end! I hope you enjoyed this article! If you liked it and would like us to make more, please let us know!

Subscribe, comment it, share it, show us that you are there, it will encourage us a lot!

You can also make a donation, to support us and finance the development of our next game: 'Les Nains du Nord" on our Kofi !

Thank you! ♥

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