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Time for some UI remodelling and prepare our game for the following contest and show how we put our hearts in the game! if you're interested come check our available content we got for this week!

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Hey there everyone! Welcome once again to this warming article of Chama! Feel free to stop by every week to see how the game currently is developed.

A while ago we encountered an opportunity to find some recognition and advertisement for our game. Even a chance to invest something for our game with the rewards this contest we’re going to participate in offers. The following contest is at Fnac.pt if you are interested (The contest is only for people living in Portugal).

With this in mind, we have been adjusting and remodelling the game so it can have a solid build with a beginning and a consistent way of ending the game, that can be sent to the contest.

Getting a passionate programmer

Even with base programming knowledge, it was not enough to do everything wanted to develop in all the parts within the videogame, so we stepped forward and tried to find someone that would have experience with more advanced programming knowledge.

We quickly got a response from a person that we already had connections with, that is a very hardworking and passionate person about this area and we look forward to work with him!

Here is a page where u can find more information about him!


Remodelling UI from the first levels

There was a lot of elements from the UI (user interface) from the previous levels and menus that weren’t very consistent between each other. From here, menus, Hub elements and other UI assets are being substituted with new one adopted with a more suitable style.

Starting from the loading screens we inserted before each level as a transition between these, it will give the player an introduction and some tips of what will consist the level itself.

Loading Screens:

loading lvl1Unexpected News - Level 1

loading lvl2

Farm Fire – Level 2

loading lvl3

Timber!! – Level 3

The icons done fore each character is going to be used in other parts of the game. Here is a sheet of studies for the icons:

Character icons

Other UI studies for menus and for the inside of the levels:

Inventory menuPause menuuDifferent possible outcomes for the Pause Menu

inventory menu2

Incomplete inventory menu (testing)

UI bucket and Thermometer

Important informative UI Elements

From here, our 3D Artist is finishing the outside of level 4! If you want to witness this, find more about it next week, we promise you that you won’t regret it!

Before we go here is a small gif of the new dialogue boxes we are testing right now!

talking to character animation


One of the things that are essential and has to be executed with more caution in a videogame is the User Interface for sure, it catches the player’s attention if done correctly. And so, we decided to be more careful with the UI creation and the menus that will take place in Chama.

And that’s it! That is all for this week, shorter article but a lot of advancement!

We’ll be waiting for you guys next week again! Hope you enjoyed this warm devlog for this present cold days of autumn!

< Stay Safe! >


so it's like adventure genre with lots of minigames? looks more fun with each posting. You've done awesome job so far!! Take care with the ui cuz games with buggy menus are always bad, u dont want that..

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Hey!! Thanks! Also, we will take note of your advice!
It's always great to get these type of feedback! <3

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