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We started concepts for the new level and a few more experiments, if your interested come to check it out! It's starting to get cold so here's our article to warm you guys up!

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Hello everyone! Feel welcome to our weekly article of Chama!

With a new artist on the team, this week was a blast in the amount of progress we could make for the next levels and correcting certain parts of the game we already made previously. From this article, it’s going to be shown the new concepts and ideas proposed for the level we are currently developing.

The New level concepts and experiments

With the schedule in order and a greater production around the art department, a few concepts and some testing were made for a fourth level in which, it’s noticed to be a bigger level compared to others we have made so far.

From this level we wanted to give more freedom to the player to explore the scenario and the situation it’s facing.

We made a level around a place in the village named “Degolados”, where the character of this story is a 20-year-old hare, that was alone in her habitation and was submitted with a complicated situation around her.

P 20201001 102742 1P 20201001 114903
Diverse sketches for 3D modelling of the hare character

coelhinha color study

Character colour study (3rd option adopted / greenish color pallette)

The player will be tested with obstacles, unpredictable events and situations of logic. This part of the game goes through mostly inside the hare’s house, passing through different rooms inside the building.

We made various concepts for the level design, exploring it with blockouts and from there was proceeded to the concept art of the different parts of the level. From the base modelling made, we tested several attempts of different colour palettes that would suit the character models and the environment to have a consistent connection between these.

room final concept 1

hallway final concept


sala jantar


Concepts for the interior of the house (Bedroom, Hallway, Stairs,Dinning Room and Garage)

Following up with a few side experiments that would be implemented as well, trying to make a few visual fire effects that would suit more the style we are adopting to the game, creating flatter colours in a 2D sprite animation that would always follow the player’s camera around.

unknown 35Experimenting different sizes for the flame


A few remodelling around the previous levels also started this week, but we’ll show you a bit of that in the following week and the 3D modelling too!


When someone from our team is struggling with a lot of work to produce and develop something, especially in situations like art and modelling production, it requires a lot of studying and execution, which is always handy to have more people working around these areas and pressure less the person that was responsible for everything in that area, having now a faster and effective execution in the art overall having more people to work around those parts!

And that’s it for this article of our fiery game!

We hope we can see you again around here next week! We’ll be seeing you for now, and don’t forget, stay safe!


Very good. I want play this game....

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CatarinaEsperança Author

I'm glad you're interested in our game! We are trying to make this game the best we can, working hard everyday!

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I'm really curious about this game, could you add some videos please?

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CatarinaEsperança Author

When we get more development on our levels we will surely share videos with you! Thankyou for your patience. ^^

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