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In our second devlog we show the current development progress of blockadillo.

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The development on Blockadillo continues, this is the second devlog. In the past two weeks we added a couple of new graphics, new levels and first and foremost physics!

The two screenshots above show a very simple physics based puzzle. To get to the right side the player has to activate the red switch, which will move the platform upwards. The stones will then fall onto the deadly skulls and the player can move to the right side and activate the color switcher and be able to smash the yellow blocks.
We had a box2d implementation in the game the whole time, mostly for collision detection and decided to spice things up a bit by letting the player move around various blocks. If you want to see it in action, I'll link a youtube video at the end of my post.

To increase the visibility of the player, especially on small screens, we added a trail:

In the animated gif above you also see the switch and brazier we added. Switches can be used to activate almost anything, from the braziers to platforms or hidden doors, traps, etc etc. There are five different colors of switches, so they can only be activated if the player has the right color. Another shot of the brazier and switch in off an on position.

Playing around with shaders we added a fullscreen bloom effect. We liked it, so we kept it. Below is a screenshot of 3 different bloom intensities. We liked the middle one the best. Click for a higher resolution

And finally there is a gameplay video showing all the things from above:

Thanks for watching and feel free to ask questions or give feedback. Highly appreciated!

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