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Learn about our current focuses and progress to our gameplay.

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First and foremost, allow us to apologize for our missing weekly update from last week. We hope this was a one of a kind mistake.

Today we are happy to share our current project focus, and progress, towards gameplay elements.


Currently we feel the combat is still very bland with combat interactions between player and enemy very centric on attack spamming and retreating. Always without any kind of strategy towards player positioning or type of attack. Our 2 current focal points are:

  • Improve Enemy AI and Design - Both our 2 monsters have a starting enemy AI with "zombie" like behavior which lack characteristic attacks and behaviors tied to each specific type of monster. We are planning to design and implement behavior trees for the ai besides give each monster special attacks and combat behaviors like a roar behavior for the Olharapo that buffs nearby enemies or weak points for extra damage
  • Improve Player animations - Currently we are integrating rigs to our player's hands and working on better animations to improve the feel of the attacks. In the future we have planned to add hit sounds and VFXs to bbost the feel of attack hits.
  • New Attack Effects- Currently already in development are knockback and parry mechanics. The knockback is for both player and enemy attacks to push it's respective target a few meters back and the parry is for the player when defending an enemy's attack in the right moment to get stamina points in return.


Both sleeping and devoted houses interactions have been reworked. When sleeping now you must feel tired to do so, done by performing attacks and generally spending stamina, and a littlel sequence plays out. The devoted houses now feature respective icons that, if highlighted, showcase little information in the form of dialogue. When highliting the food icon they now have, show, certain food they are serving that, if consumed, provides with the buff.

Main Questline

The core of our activities, quests, is still not very present. Although it's system has been working we haven't really made great strides in developing various quests or 1 great quest. One of our main focal points is also getting the main quest, or part of it, done to fully have an playable game, or demo, of the experience.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next devlog where we will focus more on new art content and our "style rebranding" process.

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Till next time Dear Knights!

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