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It's our special 50th Devlog!! We re-organised our entire project and have new details about cutscenes, dialogue and more! Check it out for celebration!

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Hey there!! Welcome back to our devlog!

We finally reached our 50th Devlog! Celebration time!!

We wanted to make something really different and exciting for today, but sadly since it’s been a really busy week, we decided to organise our project the best we could before we could continue its development.

We still got exciting things to show you! Our project changed a lot since the latest devlog!

Hope you’re ready and that you’re looking forward for what we are about to unpack here!

Re-organising the Team and the Project

Since the moment we got our new programmer, our project and way of working changed completely. From the moment we got an experienced programmer, it was limited for him to do certain things and meet certain conditions with the way the levels were made, which was not the best. Since we didn’t really have an experienced programmer before, the level’s programming and organization was quite messy.

Was decided to remake all the levels so it would be possible for the programmer to work more efficiently and so we could too.

The way the team works also changed. We created a away more organised workflow and made a brand new workspace boards in Trello so all the tasks would be monitored and that all the members knew what to do without being confused or lost. Every department has its own workspace, so each member can edit and organise the most optimal way personally.

trello boardsChama's overall Workspace Boards

trello game designGame Design Workspace Board

trello artArt Workspace Board

Change of cutscene production

When continuing with the creation of these, both members from the art department were on conflict of what to exactly do for the cutscenes and what parts of the game were supposed to have these sequences.

So, we went back and re-organised by making firstly a storyboard for each sequence of cutscenes and then after it’s completion the artist responsible for the background would do the background for each shot. And in the end, the other artist would make the characters in that scenario and final adjustments to each shot.

cutscene 1   story boardStorybaord made for the introductory cutscene

For this cinematic sequence, it was needed to draw Ana's assistant. For that it was created a quick concept for the character, not being an important character, only making an appearance in the following cinematic.

esquiloAna's LTPO Assistant

From here, the cutscenes would be going for the animation process as the final step.

New dialogue dynamic and QTE Fixes

For the dialogue we decided to make a more organised system, that it would work for 2 languages, both Portuguese and English.

Beyond that, we wanted to add more expressions to each character in the dialogue boxes, so it would give more dynamism and character to the dialogue and understand how the character truly feels towards each situation.

Other little fix made was making the players freeze while dialogue is playing, so players don’t wonder off with the character while talking to a character.

As for the QTE (Quick Time Events) present in the first level, the QTE bug in the first interaction was fixed and a starting delay was added. UI elements for these are also being optimized.

Adding an extra here for level 5. Since we don’t have our talented 3D artist working with us at the moment, the role of 3D making passed down to one of our 2D artists, in case there’s anything needed in the 3D department. It was made a little asset necessary for the helicopter, a “helicopter bucket”.

heli basket


Woah, you got to the end of our special devlog? Glad you got to stick to the end of it!

We hope you enjoyed it! We’re very excited to turn our game even better and all the members have been doing their best to give the best experience possible!

Little note here. The soundtrack of Chama is on it’s making! We going to finally have so amazing sound effects for our project! We hope we can show some of it next time!

Well, that’s it for this devlog, we’ll see each other in the next one!

Don’t forget to stay safe!!!

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