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Want to see some fiery effects and wonderful animations? Then you're in the right place! We got some new updates of our game for you!

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Two weeks later here we are again!!

It’s been some interesting weeks. It’s quite nice to see the covid situation calming down a bit, and a lot of people are getting the vaccine. At least in our country, but we hope that the situation gets better around the globe.

Anyways! It’s time to see some cool stuff we did this last 2 weeks!

Adding animation to the pool (level 4)

After successfully adding the spinning animation to the cog triggering when the character interacts with it, it was time to join this animation to the pool covering as well. With these complete, all that is needed is adding the animation of the character to jump inside the pool.


Cog and pool cover animation

It was also added the level’s collectable item! Was added to a hidden place around the level and to the collectables book page (more information about the collectables are in Devlog 39).

more photo

Family photo collectable placed in the level

photo collectable

Family photo collectable in the book menu

Colliders and Smoke effects addition (level 5)

Before adding the colliders around level five, we started by preparing the surroundings of the level to implement the game mechanics.

From this, several box colliders were added to the mountains around the area and helicopter’s pathing mechanics were verified, still with some issues around the helicopter’s movement.

level 5 colliders

more colliders levle 5

Perpective and above view of the placed colliders

To block certain paths for the player, it was added smoke effects in some areas around the level. We wanted to make the mist quite thick so the player is unable to see what’s beyond that path. The problem that lifts is that the smoke effects can be quite heavy and can influence the game performance, so it is needed to optimize these effects so it doesn’t affect the frame rate too much.

smoke effects

One of the places with a mist wall blocking the path

Small fixes around the levels

Small fixes made these weeks were around some colliders in level 4 and some adjustments in the post-processing effects in level 5, to equalize the colour pallet to the other levels.

And last but not least, little fixes around the loading screens, UI and the in-game menus.


Thank you so much for reading our article! Next article we’ll talk about the current cutscene illustrations we are working on! They look quite fiery! We can’t wait to show these to you guys!

We’re glad for receiving such support from you all, it’s always appreciated!!

Don’t forget to stay safe everyone! Until a next time!

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