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We got new cutscene art, dialogue box fixes, new level 3 textures and more! Come check if you're interested!

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Heyo everyone! Time for another weekly article, right?

We got a feeew changes this week, but most of all, it was solved the most problematic bug we had so far, so it’s been a good week!

And you guys, how have you been? Kind of sad that the carnival was almost non existent this year, but it’s for the safety of everyone around here. We sure that next year it’s going to be as energetic and full of smiles like usually!

Anyway, time for some cool stuff!

Modelling collectables

This week, we continue with the bonus asset modelling, the collectables. From the previous week we had the Fireman Axe (level 3) and the Teddy Bear (level 2), even though there was a major change around the teddy bear asset to match the concept better.

We’re going to show you the lost LTPO Microphone (HUB Area), the Newspaper (level1) and the changes done in the Teddy Bear. Was also made the textures for the Family Photo asset for level 4, but the model is still incomplete, so we’ll show it next week.

collectables part 2

Changes on assets and textures in level 3

Being a level with 3 different phases, each with different difficulty, locations and time of the day, it’s the level that have been suffering the most changes in regard to visuals, objectives and even mechanics.

This time, some textures and effect details were changed. Other changes we made were around the boulders falling animation in phase 2 of the level, making it less stiff and more natural.

level 3 phases

Cutscene development

It’s been a longer process for the cutscene development, since we have an artist for the background and an artist to illustrate the characters after.

It was decided to change the art style of the cutscenes that were made so far. It was way to realistic for our game, even though it looked pretty great overall, but it didn’t match the gameplay at all. So, we adopted a more cartoony and simpler style!

Cutscenes development

The following illustrations are part of the initial cutscenes, where the Ana Fox arrives for the first time to Mação to gather information for her report. From these, it will show all the characters Ana is going to interact with in order to advance within the game and live each of their experiences.

Fixes in Dialogue boxes in level 4

One of the most problematic bugs we ever had in this project, without a doubt, was the dialogue boxes specifically from level 4, it’s been quite an adventure. We almost had to think in maybe get a programmer to fix this problem that we were stuck with it for quite some time, but in the end, it was solved by our amazing members of the team. What a relief.


Woo you made it to the end of this article! It’s quite fun to post this every week, it’s nice to gather and see what we do along the week and watch its process.

Of course, this article is mostly for you people out there to keep a pace with our game, but it’s honestly good for us to see it too.

And here’s the weekly reminder, don’t forget to check the available build we got in our itch.io in case you’re interested. You can also support us there!

Anyhow it’s getting late, have a nice week everyone! But most importantly, Stay Safe!

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