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First article of the month! Here's some stuff about UI, asset remodelling and creation event triggers for a level! ALways hot stuff, come check it out if you're interested! :>

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Heya everyone! Welcome back to this wonderful devlog!

Get ready to see some cool stuff. We’re always here to provide the best content of our game!

It’s nice from now and then, how this game have been turning into and the changes it passed through.

Makes us happy to see the evolution of our creation, the people that started checking our devlogs from the very beginning, the people that are accompanying us in this journey from the first steps of this project. It’s been a long way, we hope to make this project something that can give awareness to some people and also enjoyment.

Well, well, without further ado, let’s go for the articleee!!

New UI elements and asset arrangement (level 2)

We thought of redoing the UI bucket element in level 2, since it wasn’t giving the right and enough information to the player. It was done different studies seeing which one would work better.

UI bucket studiesStudies of the UI Bucket element for level 2

To easy this process, it was modelled a new bucket with a water texture inside and when the character would pour water from the bucket in the crops, the water texture would disappear, but since the player can’t see that change since the scale is small.

So, with this, it was created a UI element that would indicate if the bucket had water or not. The bucket would only have a single use of water, making player constantly go back and forth to get water, running against time to save the little bear in the barn.

bucket turn aroundBucket model turn around

Giving detail and applying mechanics (level 4)

Here comes to complicated part, time to apply the mechanics to the level!

We started associating the quotes and events the character would have throughout the level. We’re still in the very beginning of the development of mechanics in this level, but we added the point where the character would start have its’ challenges for their escape.

This point is indicated with visual and audio signals, with smoke, noises of things breaking and flames start appearing all over the place.

Level 4 trigger event

The addition of the planks in the level were made to give an indication of the place collapsing, here's a little process of the these.

palnk turn around

Also, here's other look of screenshots from different parts of the house during the event and with dialogue inserted:

level 4  mechanic 2

Living room during the fire event

lvl 4 before disasterCharacter dialogue trigger when finding objective (the character sprite there is just a placeholder)

This is where the challenge begins for the player.


We reach the end of the article! It was quick wasn’t it?

Hope you enjoyed this devlog, this first month passed really fast, almost feels like a blur in our opinion.

Don’t forget to check the available build we got in our itch.io in case you’re interested. You can also support us there!

And the beginning of a new month, new adventures await us and our project! We’ll be here to see you next week, like always!

Stay Safe everyone! ~

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Looking good! :)

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Thank you!

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