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We got more details about the last level of Chama! That and some funny stuff. We know you're curious, come check it out the latest news!

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Hello hello, welcome back to our weekly regular and so awaited Devlog!!

We’re glad you’re here to hear the new stuff we got to show you! We promise to not disappoint you.

It’s a shorter article, since there was less development this week, but we hope you like it regardless.

Concepts and assets for the last level

From the last article, it was explained what was expected and what is the general idea of the fifth level.

From creating the concept and the story of the level itself, it’s time for some environmental and asset concepts!

Was created multiple scenario concepts where the last situation would take place, somewhere with more depth in a forest near the village and that a firefighting helicopter could take action without trouble.


lvl5Current base environment concepts for level 5

We’re still exploring the multiple environmental possibilities for the last situation, so for now there hasn’t been done any modelling for the background. But so far, the one that is suitable for the level, was developed into a coloured concept.

As for assets that would take action in the indicated level, we finished a firefighting helicopter that would be playable in the second half of the level and re-use the fire trucks from the hub area to this level since it’s the same firemen from the village of Mação.

concpet helicopter

Helicopter all viewsConcepts for the playable firefighting helicopter

Fixing a few bugs

There have been a few problems that been appearing throughout the levels when we get to test, add new mechanics and challenges to them. And some can come out pretty funny, like in level 1 during a quick time event, we go to the coffee machine to do the coffee a client ordered and we get a flying moustache, floating around the shop. So here is a bonus!



This week we had a few days off and some event lectures we had to attend. As the result we didn’t get as much progress like other weeks, but we still did our best and did what we could!

Reminder for our wonderful people! We got a voting contest happening! If you want to vote for our game it’s available in the following link:

PT: Docs.google.com

EN: Shorturl.at

Thank you so much for the support and feedback you been giving us! We hope you can stick around us until the end of this journey!

Remember above of all, Stay Safe!!

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