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Post news RSS Devlog 3: Beware of raining revenants

Welcome back to another Tourmaline Progress Update, this weeks focus is on combat, enemies, and player trails.

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Before we get started I'd like to thank everyone who has been keeping track of this game's progress, as always feedback is appreciated. But without further ado, let's look at the most recent changes in Tourmaline.

NOTE: These features are not present in any demos uploaded before 2021-02-17 as they are still W.I.P

DevBanner Revenants

All Revenant sprites are placeholder templates, proper art will be added in the future

That's right zombies, there back and better than ever. Revenants come in 2 variations each with different characteristics, providing two unique challenges.


These two enemies represent a major advancement in how enemies work in Tourmaline.

A Pixel-Perfect Collision:

A few days ago during the dark ages enemies in Tourmaline did not have collision checking like how the player has collision checking. Previously enemies were not affected by gravity, and were not stopped by walls or floors, the only think stopping them from floating or going through walls was the fact that their simple Ai did little more than walk back and fourth, collision checks were used only to ensure they didn't walk off ledges or into walls.

Enemies now interact with the environment the same as you do:

ezgif 1 0855ccbdcc5d

This means smarter, more versatile, more mobile, and thusly more engaging enemies. No longer are mobs either limited to a single platform magnetized to the ground, or hovering in the sky, with no regard to the laws of physics. This new system gives me the freedom to implement many more nifty features:

Splitting And Flinging:

ezgif 1 c78e4cd951aa

Much alike the noble earthworm, Hike-Splitson is able to survive when split in two, one quick swipe at the torso, and the body goes flying. Even in two pieces, the fun isn't over yet, simply provide your new friend with a hard knock and relive the height of your friendship.

While playing with your friend you may also notice another improvement

Combat, or when to hold down the button:

Ever wanted to hit an enemy and back away at the same time, thanks to recent improvements this task is easier than ever.

ezgif 3 1c799c4c274d

This little addition makes combat smoother, with less swinging at the air. With a little practice this becomes second nature, and adds to your options while in battle.

Better After Image Effects:

The after image trail following the player is now speed based, the faster the player moves, the brighter and longer the trail will be:

ezgif 3 a000e9b1c0c9

In Conclusion:

Progress has been steady as of late, I hope you all enjoyed hearing about the game and of course feedback is welcome.

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