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In the second devlog for The Equinox Hunt a stealth roguelite indie game. We talk about how Dev.Play was and about the Alpha stage.

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Hello and welcome to the second devlog for The Equinox Hunt a stealth roguelite indie game.

This is gonna be a catch-up for what we've done since fall of 2018 till this month.

Dev.play 2018

We went to Dev.play(is a conference for game developers in Bucharest, Romania) with the prototype trailer and a demo:

There we had a stand where we could gather feedback from people that were playing the game.
The feedback was amazing and the presentations from there were top-notch.

Big Change

Based on the feedback from Dev.Play and we’ve decided to change from 2D to 3D mostly because the programmer had experience with 3D since we did Shape Rivals which was a 3D top-down shooter(of course there were more technical aspects to this change like the lighting system) and because our Artist had more experience with 3D models from previous projects.

Planning the Alpha

We had to wait for Unity 2018.3 to be released because we needed the changes made to the Terrain system.
So during this stage:

  • Robert polished the GDD and fixed any problems that appeared during our talks or from the feedback
  • Marian planned the core systems of the game and how the other features will be built around them
  • Mihai researched 3D animations

And once Unity 2018.3 arrived in December we’ve started working on the game. After that, we’ve changed our schedule to sprints and started having a constant workflow for the Alpha version.

Starting to work on Alpha

We started to work in sprints, a sprint lasts for a week, at the end of which we gather to talk about what we’ve done and what’s next in line.

Well, our progress in the first quarter of 2019 resulted in:

  • The core systems being developed and also most of the features needed for the Alpha build
  • 3D models being made for the first map, the one that will be present in the alpha
  • We changed the technologies used for rigging the characters in our game, a thing that set us back a little
  • And we’ve also started doing marketing to grow the community and showcase our progress on the game

We’ve also launched the game’s website (Theequinoxhunt.com) where you could sign up for the newsletters, thus making the progress transparent to the community.

We’re trying to be present on as much social media platforms as possible, but for now, we are focusing on covering multiple social media, such as:

For now, we're trying to use the newsletter and Reddit, while being active on other social media platforms
I think that sums up everything

Right now we’re working to bring the Alpha on our Discord server!
And that’s all I can say, for now, see ya on the next devlog!

The team:
Serban Robert - Game/Level Designer
Mihailescu Marian - Programmer
Niculescu Mihai - Artist

You can follow us here:
Discord: Discord.gg
Website: Theequinoxhunt.com
Twitter: Twitter.com
Twitch: Twitch.tv
Facebook: Facebook.com
Subreddit: Reddit.com
Youtube: Youtube.com

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