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Hey everyone, and welcome to the first of the monthly devlogs for RunMan Turbo! This one will be short and sweet, as a lot of February’s updates were included in the previous update over on Steam. In this post we’ll be giving a small development update, sharing some upcoming events you might see us in as well as getting your feedback on what you’d like to see over the coming months. Let's get into it!

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Development Update

RunMan Turbo Gameplay Screenshot

Levels 1-5 within Bliss Valley are close to being finished. These levels have been revisited a few times to make sure they look and play as intended, as well as fit in with the rest of the game. Some internal playtesting has been done that’s opened eyes to potential issues. RunMan Turbo has terrain changes and obstacles you can react to, and it’s important that you can react. We don’t want the old school sonic problem!

RunMan has faces now! He’s becoming more realistic by the day. Check out those pearly whites here!

RunMan Turbo Smiling


We can now confirm we’ll be a part of two events in the near future!

The first is the Game Development World Championship 2022, a global competition for all types of game developers - hobbyists to studios! It’s a great celebration of all things game dev, and will be taking place in Spring of this year. RunMan Turbo is through the first stage, and you can find the page here!

We’ve also been accepted to compete in A MAZE 2023, taking place in May. A MAZE celebrates all kinds of different digital media related to the gaming space, as well as providing talks and workshops to help educate and inspire video game creators. Find RunMan Turbo’s page here.

RunMan Turbo Running GIF


We’d love to know what you’d like to see from us in the future! Would you like an FAQ? Submit questions for an AMA? A development roadmap? If you like any of these suggestions or have an even better idea, let us know in the comments or talk to us on Discord!
Discord invite: Discord.gg

If you read this far, thank you! Remember to Wishlist RunMan Turbo, and we can’t wait to see you in next month's devlog!

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