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The world's fastest returns in RunMan Turbo, a high speed 2D platformer continuing the energetic flair of beloved predecessor RunMan: Race Around the World. Combining the essence of old school classics with tight, modern mechanics, RunMan's return brings wild enthusiasm and unhinged energy matched with a vibrant aesthetic and groovy soundtrack.

A new challenger wielding a mysterious power has scrambled RunMan's world! Each time you run through a level, it will look and play different, requiring you to master your instincts and reaction in order to get the fastest time.

Bounce, slide and run fast as heck through high speed levels across five unique zones. Beat record times to earn medals and unlock secret characters, levels, and more.

Cool stuff can you do in this game:

  • Run fast as heck
  • Double jump an infinite number of times
  • Turbo slide down slopes to pick up speed
  • Kick off walls just by touching them
  • Be invincible all the time like it is not even a big deal

Other stuff you will be jazzed about:

  • Easy to play, challenging to master
  • Never the same level twice - speedrun on pure instincts instead of memorizing levels
  • Fast gameplay around a short story, made for replayability
  • Earn medals by beating target times
  • Unlock secret playable characters, levels, and more


RunMan Turbo is soundtracked by a bunch of awesome artists and bands from Philadelphia. With an eclectic mix of rock, folk, funk, and more, I promise you have never heard a game that sounds like this!

Confirmed artists:



More music to come soon...

About RunMan

Created by Tom Sennett in 2003 and debuting in the Game Maker Community, the RunMan series has spanned more than half a dozen titles, including 2009's beloved RunMan: Race Around the World - a collaboration with Maddy Thorson (Towerfall, Celeste). RunMan is also featured as a playable character in indie classic Super Meat Boy. After a few false starts on mobile, RunMan returns to PC for the triumphant sequel RunMan Turbo.

About Tom Sennett

Yo! I'm Tom Sennett, I'm from Philadelphia, and for two decades I've created video games which have brought joy to millions of people around the world. I'm an IndieCade award winner, and have been featured in Kotaku, VICE, Rock Paper Shotgun and more. When it comes to making games, I do everything including design, art, and programming - I even sometimes create my own sound effects and music. My work focuses on taking classic gameplay constructs and tearing them down to be rebuilt in a lean and modern way. I'm pumped to share it with you!

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Demo Now Live!



RunMan Turbo Demo Now Live!

The RunMan Turbo demo... HAS ARRIVED!

Run (don't walk) over to Steam and play now!

Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Get hype! Run your buns off!!

Click here to play!


Enter the Speedrun Contest!

Alongside the demo, RunMan Turbo will be hosting a speedrun contest!

Prizes include the final game for free, as well as RunMan merch!

All you need to do is send over some gameplay of you playing the demo, so we can see how fast your run was! If you want to learn more, click here!

You have until the 16th May to get your entries in to have a chance of winning those fabulous prizes.

So what are you waiting for?!


Devlog #3

Devlog #3


All about April's development updates, including game tweaks and merch

Speedrunning Competition

Speedrunning Competition


About the speedrunning competition alongside the release of the RunMan Turbo demo.

Demo Launching May 2nd!

Demo Launching May 2nd!


Update on the Demo of RunMan Turbo, releasing May 2nd 2023!

Subreddit Activated!

Subreddit Activated!


The Official RunMan Turbo Subreddit has been launched!

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