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Hello everybody, we are the Nodachi development team, and today we are going to put you up to speed on some of our work. This week, our artist created the animation for the boosted run and jump as well as the sketch for the item that will give Kabuto some health. The programmer implemented the new layer of protection and the new boosted jump.

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Boosted Run Sketch Animation

Animation boosted running

The boosted jump is one of the first mechanics that we wanted to implement on the game because that was one of the reasons Kabuto had such big sword, so that we could use it as a cool way of movement through out the level.

Boosted Jump Animation

Animation boosted Jump

In these past few week the team has been trying to implement new protection and regeneration mechanics to Kabuto because we saw that without them the game would be very difficult and we also wanted to give the player another reason to explore the level, so we added healthpacks.

Healthpack Sketch

unknown 2

Another addition are the "Layers of Protection", these act as Kabuto's lives returning him to the nearest checkpoint when loosing all his healthpoints.

Layer of Protection

layer of protection

The programmer implemented the new layer of protection in the game. Check it out on the top left corner!

layer of protection 1

The programmer also implemented the new boosted jump and Run.

ezgif com crop 1

And this concludes this week article. Don’t forget to leave a comment below about your opinion.

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Sick animation work as always, dont know if the player will be able to easily distinguish the different protection layers from the corner of the eye tough.

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