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Post news RSS Devlog 12 – Traps, new mechanics and programming implementations

Hello everybody, we are the Nodachi development team, and today we are going to put you up to speed on some of our work. This week, our artist created the sketch for a trap in the game and the programmer implemented some animations and the new mechanic.

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The new trap is a new mechanic that we thought about to improve the level's difficulty, and to make the player more aware of their surroundings.

Trap Sketch

trap sketch

By implementing new hazards we also thought that it would be better to help the player by creating a healing item, that can drop randomly when defeating an enemy, and the programmer has already started to implement it in the game.

Health Potion

heal potion

The programmer also implemented the final gliding animation in the game. Check it out below

ezgif com crop

For last, the programmer started to implement the new trap mechanic. Its still fresh,but by next week will be completly ready on the level.


And this concludes this week article. Don’t forget to leave a comment below about your opinion.

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