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Here is the latest info on the development of Food Raiders.

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What's good everybody,

It's only 3 days until this game releases. However on my end there is a lot of things that I have to do behind the scenes before release. What kind of things behind the scenes? Just getting the CORE mechanics to function correctly and for the game to not deliver any outstanding bugs. Yes, you hear me right, the core mechanics aren't functioning right, and the problem is I'm not sure where the problems are and how to fix them even through debugging. I know one of the top of my head is the character movement. I made multiple iterations of the scripts for it, that works with the exact same logic and now out of no where, the logic doesn't want to act properly. Thankfully, I have the Unity Answers as a resource I've been getting some help recognizing what I've done wrong and how to fix them so next time I understand how to code it better.

Beside that problem, one HUGE problem has stemmed from this is Porting to other devices other then Windows. I haven't test whether if the Linux version works, but the Mac version won't even open and the UWP(Xbox) doesn't recognize controllers. As as result of this, I may have to delay these latter ports to another date until the current Windows version is updated enough after release for it to be ported well for the other platforms. I heavily apologize for this in-convince, but my main goal for this project is at the end is to create something playable and have some what a decent amount of fun in it. I'm more of an artist rather and an A-grade programmer, but hey I know my limits.

For the next three days here is what I'm going to try and work on:

  • Get Player Movement Working Properly
  • Get Achievements Working
  • Get Score UI to transfer over from each game scene
  • Get Fruit Object, that the player is trying to defend, disappear properly when health is 0
  • Lastly, get Itch.io page set-up, ready for paid launch.

One promise I'll make this game to great in the best of it's ability is supply bug fixes after launch to keep the game alive and more manageable.

Thank you all for supporting me on this journey and I'll see you all next time.



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