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This wonderful devlog is about our two main characters. Dani and Sara.

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Hometown's Devlog #1

Hi beautiful people!

Welcome to Devlog #1 - Characters

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Today we are going to talk a bit about our two characters, Dani and Sara. Hometown is centered around growing and saying goodbye.

Overall, this is a game about families and friends that, in order to pursue their dreams, need to leave their life and homes behind, but it's also about how that decision affects everything and everyone around them differently.

Dani 1
This is Dani

Introvert, photographer and skater. We wanted Dani to be this artsy yet shy person. If we could turn her into a season it would probably be Autumn or Winter, she is passionate but cold. There's a constant necessity of logic, reason, that often makes her feel distant from others.

Here's a few concepts and color studies of her:

7unknown 1

Fig. 1: Concepts - Dani

unknown 3unknown 7

Fig. 2: Color Studies - Dani


This is Sara

Extrovert, plant expert and girly. Sara is also artsy like Dani, but she lives loudly and intensely. Our team likes to describe her as spring or summer season. It’s important to understand that both these characters are similar and have similar personalities.

Here's a few concepts and color studies of her:

1 1Jardineiras

Fig. 3: Concepts - Sara

unknown 1 1unknown 1

Fig. 4: Color Studies - Sara

They believe that things are getting different between them, that they are growing apart.

And maybe they are…

But isn’t that normal?

This was our Devlog #1 - Characters

Here’s a bit of our characters, Dani and Sara. Tell us, are you excited to know more? You know we are excited to show you everything we're doing!

Thank you so much for reading our devlog! Y’all are beautiful! ♥

We hope to keep providing more content of our game soon!

See you around beautiful people!

Stay Safe!


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