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A preview of how some of our puzzles will be and an extra update about sound.

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Ribbit! Hi everyone. Today we have some updates to show you about the development of our game.

In today's Devlog, we will be talking about some of the puzzles you will find on your way and also about 3d audio and how we're using it.

For puzzles in Doors of Life, we have implemented a push mechanic so some of our puzzles will revolve around that.

As you can see in this example, we can push the chess pieces to their correct positions to solve the puzzle. What are the correct positions? You'll have to play the game and find out.

But this is not true for every puzzle. Some of them will revolve around other mechanics, but that is something for another day.

Today, we also wanted to show you this video.

If you have 3d audio in your device, you can hear that the in-game audio can be heard differently depending on where the player is relatively to where the sound is coming from. This is something fun that we thought would make the player more immersed in the game.

We note that the music being used to do this test does not belong to us. The track is "Human Elements" from Mick Gordon, part of Prey (2017) OST.

That's it for today's Devlog!

We hope you keep watching our game grow and we'll keep you updated! Until next time, Ribbit!

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