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Showcasing our enemy behavior and combat system at this point of development.

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Ribbit! Hi everyone. Today we have some updates to show you about the development of our game.

In today's Devlog, we will be showing you the enemies and combat system and how it is being implemented into our game.

As you can see from the video, the enemy follows the player once they're in a certain range and attacks when they're close enough to the player. If the player gets hit, they obviously lose health.

The player can try to avoid the attack but they can also attack back.

If the player attacks back and hits the enemy, the enemy will lose heath instead, until it dies. This is all being fine tuned to make sure it works the best way possible and this videos are all work-in-progress.

In terms of feedback, we also have something to show you.

When the player suffers damage, the screen will shake a little bit for feedback on what is happening in-game. This shake the screen can also be used for more things and the intensity can be varied, so as to give personality to the game.

That's it for today's Devlog!

We hope you keep watching our game grow and we'll keep you updated! Until next time, Ribbit!

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