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A small step for humanity ... a big step for an indie game.

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Hello everyone! This week post will just be a little snippet of what we got ready for the pitch next week.


Moon’s Haunted is a 2D retro first person shooter, inspired by the level design of Wolfenstein 3D, the mechanics of Heavy Bullets, and the art of Exophobia. Manage resources, sneak past enemies and discover hidden secrets, while trying to escape an unexpected base in the moon.

Features and Mechanics

- Only one Weapon;

- Limited ammunition;

- No automatic regeneration of life;

- Acquire ammo and/or life at checkpoints;

- Backtracking;

- Careful decision making and resource management;

- Alternative and hidden paths/rooms;

Concept art and Mood boards

Hall Way Concept


MoodBoard Inside Ideas

MoodBoard Outside Ideas

My Post

Preparing the engines

(This is our programmer testing things out, the sprites represented here are only used for code tests)

enemy movement & shoot test

SUAPGames 1

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