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I have been busy working in some of the feedback I received since the pre-alpha testing. Here are a couple of examples.

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Development Update

I have been busy working in some of the feedback I received since the pre-alpha testing.

1) Shooting: The player now has the option to aim closer to the iron sights by using the mouse wheel.

The Island  - Ethereal (The new aiming mode)

2) Under Water Effects: While the weapon is not yet effected by the water, the first effects look great.

The Island - Ethereal (The first under water effects)

3) More Graphic Settings: I have added a few more quality settings, so players with better gaming PCs can adjust the settings accordingly. Yet to come: Screen Resolution, Texture Resolution, VSYNC, Brightness, a few more shadow settings and some water quality settings as well.

The Island - Ethereal (Settings Menu)

4) A better ocean: The island setting makes it important, that's true. So I folded and did the extra work to find a better water solution and here it is: (Still some fine tuning to go)

The Island - Ethereal (Better water)

The Island -  Ethereal (New water close up)

5) More details: I have started adding some more extra details such as flowers and different grasses:

The Island - Ethereal (more grass details)

6) IK: I finally did that too. The players feet know where to go. This gives the game a way nicer look. Teammates don't glide over the floor anymore and no feet are floating around.


SS-Plinskin - - 135 comments

Good job

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cedifra Author
cedifra - - 21 comments

Thanks man!

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Smler - - 20 comments

Looks great, how did you do the foot IK? I've been trying to use the built in IK system in Unity. But since each frame the foot moves above the ground, how would you clamp it to the ground again? Sorry if this is a simple problem.

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Smler - - 20 comments

Oh and how did you do your grass, did you make the render distance extremely high?

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cedifra Author
cedifra - - 21 comments

Hey @Smler! Thanks for reaching out. Regarding the grass, I wanted it to look like there is some sort of vegetation everywhere. I did not want the player to see too much of the actual ground texture. I played around for a long time until I decided to mix turning billboards and non turning billboards. Smaller grasses do not turn, larger ones do. That mix makes it look full even when you do not put too much grass on the floor. That way I was able to go for a detail distance up to 250 on mid range PCs. The actual texture is important too of course. Def go for something busy with lots of different grass leaves.

Regarding the IK, I worked on a few solutions until I went with "Final IK". Thanks god for that one. It saved me weeks.

No need to reinvent something, that has been done so well I thought! I did the original Full Body IK setup for the whole character, which also allows me to use it aiming animations such as when cutting down a tree (ax to tree) etc. I am happy wit the way it worked for the foot placement. (I used the grounder script and tweaked it a little). I will use it for hand placement on the gun next. Currently there are no hands in the fps view and the gun placement on other players is just in the late update, which checks where it should be kinda. If you wanne use it and get to it, let me know. Maybe I can help out with any questions you might have by then.

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Smler - - 20 comments

No, thank you for reaching out to me. I have actually been waiting for IK to go on sale for a while now, but as soon as it does I will get it. I sadly missed the last sale, someone told me it was only 30$ Looking forward to the viewmodel hand update. Good luck :)

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fox1988bs - - 57 comments


Mine is Michael Nunes and I am Brazilian.

I'm a promoter of videos for new games. I have a channel on youtube with 1400 subscribers and average of 7000 monthly views.

It is possible to send me a demo or pre alpha of the game, so you can do a gameplay and disclose?

The link from my channel is below so you can check. Thank you very much for your attention.

LINK: Youtube.com

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cedifra Author
cedifra - - 21 comments

Hey Michael.

Thanks for reaching out! Great channel!

I would love to send you a copy of the game, but we only do so on pre-alpha tests. Those versions can only connect to the test server, which is a guarantee, that you will have someone to play with. At the same time we can make sure, that everybody understands, that this is still far from the final version.

I would like to invite you to play with us during one of the pre-alpha tests though! Here is the link to sign up:


We will be happy to send a copy as soon as we go to a later development state.



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