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We've decided to move to a unified update model where each person talks about what they worked on during the previous week.

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We've decided to move to a unified update model where each person talks about what they worked on during the previous week.


This week we launched our new companion project - Chronicles. The idea behind Chronicles is to delve deeper into the lore of Laperia and show some of the events, stories, and characters that help to shape the world. The first page of the first Chronicle, Watch Over Her, went up earlier this week. New pages should go up weekly - more or less.

I built the Chronicles microsite in AngularJS which is also what the Mechanical Monocle site is written in. Angular is great for managing the separation of concerns in MVVM patterns that deal with REST services. While I generally am not a fan of loosely typed languages like JavaScript; Angular has grown on me as I’ve become more proficient at using it. My general goal when building any of our web pages is to make updating them as quick and painless as possible. I hate spending time doing web development when I would rather be working on the game itself. Angular allows me to build pages around a data model so that when I need to make updates I can simply update/change the data and the page adapts to display the information automatically.

In terms of game development - we are feature complete for version 0.1. I’ve dedicated some time to making a handful of skirmish maps that we’ll launch the Alpha with and just generally playing the game to find things that are glaringly wrong. We decided to fast-track a mechanic known as Passive Garrisons which I’ll detail in an upcoming blog post. This too up a little more time for v0.1 but I definitely think it was worth it in terms of making the game more playable.


There is no room in the Laperian army for non-combatants. All loyal Laperian soldiers must fight, even if they are also there to mend and sometimes...saw pieces off of…their comrades. With this in mind the Laperian Medic is the newest unit we have developed and concepted.

The unit will be toggled to either heal or fight, allowing the player to choose whether sending their valuable medic out of cover or into harm’s way is worth the risk. And frankly no Laperian unit would be complete without some level of gratuitous ballistic hardware (and who doesn’t love hand cannons?!) Medic


With the addition of the Laperian medic unit, we need to have a structure that allows for the recruitment of the new unit. This last week has been spent on one of these structures. Since we prefer that the building itself have some connection to the units background, as well as a good base in the world lore, we went with a hospital.

These buildings are designed to be able to tend to the sick and injured Laperian populus. While these hospitals service both the rich and poor, they are shown different levels of care. Stay tuned for screenshots of the finished building!

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