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We have been doing a Save system to show you and we need to know your opinion. And we have a first person Survival to show you.

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Hello, everyone!

Sorry for taking so long to show the things we are doing. We have been doing a save and load system, but save and load systems are the most complicated things to do in the games. Its a really complex coding. But we did it. Its a simple sketch of our save system but it's finally working. We will improve it in the next Updates. And we have some surprise to show you, and we really hope, you'll like it.

Save and Load System

This Save and Load System is just the sketch. We have been doing lots of tests with this save and load system. But you will be able to create only one account for now.

Development 121

We will try to improve this with lots of optimisations for the player to choose.

Development 122

First Person Animal Survival

With this first person adventure you will survive in your Island with any Animal you choose from the beginning.

You can choose to do the normal survival with story from the original human or try to survive in the Islands with any animal and make babies with other animals with the same class and characteristics, because you can't make babies with a deer and a bird.

Development 123

With any animal, you will have different survival aspects and will have to hunt different animals to survive.

With a bird you will can fly and go to where you want and with a fish you will dive with infinite air and explore more ocean, with a hostile animal, you will have better strength. And many more things.

Development 124

Choose any animal you want and survive in many different ways. Watch out, some animals don't like water so you can't swim in the ocean. That's why you will have to find a way to go to other islands with the animals.

You have only the deer and human to choose for now. We will try to improve and put more animal options in the future.

That's it for now! Hope you liked the Save and Load System and the First Person Animal Survival we showed you today! Stay with us, don't forget to leave your comment. Your opinions are very important for us, so please leave your comments.

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looks really nice , keep on working

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tiagochefe Author

Thanks :D Im trying to create lots of survival choices :P

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