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Hey everyone, progress information inside! Come in for more info.

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Hello everyone and welcome to our November/December, and final, progress report for 2015! Sorry for this being slightly late, had relatives over for the new years holiday and that killed any and all time I had for working on this.

So, let's talk about progress made. I did some coding and reverted some of the changes I made during the last developer's vlog. Specifically the idea of merging together a bunch of functions. That was a stupid idea and I realized in late December that it would be a performance killer too. So while a butt-load of functions is not programmer-friendly it is not going to kill anyone's system when processing hundreds if not thousands of if statements anytime something needs to be fetched from the database.

I also cracked the lid on the modding system and did some work in there, in doing so I unleashed some clock spiders that required some work to kill. I am going to have to make a lot of changes to the existing settings in some cases and also to add in the new items for the build-centric design I am heading towards with ships.

I did not get a lot of programming done due to my side job having some very critical and time consuming work. I am implementing a new time management plan that should help in allowing me to get more work done for the next update though as I will be dedicating one hour every two days excluding weekends (which will be on a need based system) to working on the game.

The same can be said about the audio. I did buy the Complete Composor Collection 4 from EastWest, for a good sum of cash, and have had some chances to mess around with it. The more annoying thing is that a lot of the older, if not most, pieces I was working on for the game that were using my older versions will no longer properly load because the path mapping between my old system and this one does not match. For whatever reason FLStudio also does not permanently change the pathing once you send it looking in the correct place. Some of the earliest ones, like the main theme and trailer track, are completely broken for some reason and I will need to remake them though that is not a bad thing.

I did start on a new track called March of Legends. I only have like 2% of it done though so not even enough for a beta track. This means no audio for this update as well as no Developer's VLog.

Now, for the one thing that I promised that I managed to actually keep. I have completed work on the new website. You will be able to find a lot of our released videos and audio on the site though more will be added as time goes on and a slight redesign of some of the media pages is required.

You will find everything from the old site in a more friendly environment though please note that I have not worked on calibrating the website for mobile screen sizes and as such weird things will happen. Here is the link: Ov.lmpgames.com

I did not get around to working on any new infographics either though I have a few planned for the next update (Yhan, Telvari, and the Groz).

I also have some more introduction series videos for you tonight. Four of them in fact. Three of them go into the battle mechanics for the game while the last one covers the mission and relationship systems (you can also find these and all of the introduction series videos on the website).

That is all that I have for this update. I will have more work to show off for the next one in March. I may even have some really early images and/or footage from Unreal Engine 4 as I am planning on getting a subscription soon so I can start messing around with it and get to know how it all works before I start shoving part of my game into it.

Thanks for following the project!

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