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Cursed Coins development progress. Consumables, New level select map, Difficulties and more.

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Development progress #6

Hello, everyone!

Just before Beta release of Cursed Coins, I want to share the most recent new features.

New level select map

New level select map

With added tutorial and practice mode select, menu became complicated. So with this update, new level select map was introduced. A new view with a map showing all possibilities in single view which makes select simpler.

Game difficulties

The game can be too hard and become frustrating for the new players. But if the game would be easier, it could be too easy and boring for experienced players. So with this update game difficulty was added.

Game difficulties


2x less level enemies and also less enemies from curses. The player starts with 200 coins, but the reward after level is divided by 2. This is a recommended difficulty for new players.


The player starts with 100 coins and everything is the same as in previous game versions, before introducing difficulty options. The game meant to be played on this difficulty.


The player start with 100 coins. Game spawn the same enemy count as normal game, but enemies and bosses have 50% more health. Reward after level is multiplied by 2. This difficulty for experienced players for extra challenge.



Sometimes a game can get in a bad situation due to unlucky curse rolls, bad skill management or just mistakes. This is where consumable skills could save the game. At the moment there are 3 consumable skills. A player can get 1 random consumable after watching the ad. And later consumable skills could be bought from shop using collected coins.

Ending after boss fight

End modal

Now game level ends after a boss fight. Level summary is shown after the fight where players can see how much coins he collected. Coins later could be spent on consumable skills and various character upgrades.



Game credits were added and can be found in the main menu.

Vilmantas Juras

programming / graphics / game design

Davi Vasc


Sounds used from opengameart.org

"Chaingun, pistol, rifle, shotgun shots"
by Michel Baradari
"3 Melee sounds" by Remaxim
"Goblin Cackle" by Spookymodem
"Scary ghost 1" by The Berklee College of Music
"Horror Sound Effects Library" and
"Voices Sound Effects Library"
by Little Robot Sound Factory

Small improvements

After wave fight, if a player has unspent skill points, additional text is shown together with continue modal.

Continue modal update

When the enemy with a ranged attack starts attacking, `!` notification became visible above that enemy.

ranged attack notification

Thanks for reading.

Thank you!

TheRogueLynx - - 5 comments

Looks pretty awesome! Also that art is ******* great

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