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Presenting a long overdue update and plans for the future of Nin.

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Hello everyone!

It’s been quite some time since we last posted here on Indie DB. Rest assured, Nin’s development still continues. The past year has been pretty intense and we’ve made great strides both in progress and growing as developers.

Development Updates

Most of our efforts went into developing the Dark Corner, which is one of the environments featured in Nin. It was originally a simple area that Nin could easily move around with little to no trouble.

First prototype of the Dark Corner

We improved its overall design, which made it a much more intricate and expansive place to explore. A lot of the assets that were added are memorabilia from the early 90’s, mostly to create a sense of nostalgia with some added humor. Younger generations, however, might end up thanking their stars for not being born in a time where iPads didn’t exist.

Staring at a link to the past...

Going for all the marbles!

The Dark Corner has several different sections in its layout, which include models that are unique to their specific areas. For example, Kinder Hills is a box of elementary school supplies that’s arranged in a platform like manner. Glue bottles, safety scissors, plastic pencil cases, and the ever popular box of crayons populate this area. Kinder Hills will offer a unique and interesting puzzle that revolves around that theme.

Can you figure out how to get across this makeshift chasm?

Upcoming Promotional Demo

Since Nin’s debut there have been several inquires to discern the differences between gameplay and cinematic footage. As good as the game looked at the time, we still needed to work out some performance issues. After completing the graphics overhaul, we turned our attention towards building a playable demo.

Our primary goal for the upcoming demo is to give players an idea on the game’s intended design. It demonstrates the basic controls, story progression, puzzles, and exploration. The promotional demo will be available during our Kickstarter campaign, so stay tuned!


Looks really good!

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