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A quick rundown on the state of the game and fixes

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This update was originally planned to be roughly three different updates, but as I'm sure you all could have guessed from the months of silence on my part, my schedule is a little hectic at the moment.

It was supposed to be split into one update for polishing the game menus and UI, one update for repolishing old jokes and adding “juice”, and then one more update just fixing all the many broken parts of the game. Obviously, that didn’t happen. Instead, this is just a jumble of fixes and polish and rewrites and new gameplay and art changes and everything I could think of that didn’t sound exhausting.

With the aforementioned chaos in my free time, I’ve also spent a lot of time paring down the scope of the game these last few months. At my current pace, my original vision for Development Hell might take another few years to be released, and I don’t want to be one of those devs who spends years and years working on a game well past the point where everyone's attention has dropped off. This will probably not be the final build of the game, but we are at most a few builds away from the final as of now.

Unless it becomes incredibly popular and in that case I will totally become one of those devs who spends a few years adding more and more ridiculous content to the same game until no one cares.

If you've played the game before, you should notice differences in every level. There are new jokes, old ones were changed, some art has changed and a lot more has been added, and most importantly to me, I fixed (as far as I know) all the problemed parts of the game where I talk over myself or jokes don’t trigger or events just stop half way through. I’m sure there will be new breaks, but most of the ones I know about are gone.

Oh, I also changed the studio tidal card to be a lot more entertaining and look generally less terrible. Check it out. Hit some buttons.

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