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Short article about the development of GrannyWatch.

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Hello everyone!!

This week we will show you our 2 main game systems (these are still being worked on and are very well subject to change as our supervisors found some mistakes in them) made by our game designer.

We also have some work in progress regarding our game artist, the character design concepts.

First, the Game Design Section.

As said above, we will be showing our 2 main game systems where all of the gameplay and mechanics will be focused around.

This is one of the main game systems for our game, puzzle solving.

This is another one of our main game systems, platforming.

As you can tell, the main game systems indicate that the game will be a platformer with simple puzzle solving mechanics, with a main focus on jumping around and grabbing/moving objects so the player can access different areas.

Now moving on to the Art Section of this article.

Our artist provided us with a few character design studies, 5 character thumbnails for our protagonist as well as some references for body shape, hair style, clothing as well as some poses.



These are the 5 character thumbnails for the main character.


These are the diferent references for body shape, hair style, clothing and poses.

Thank you for your attention.

Stay tuned for next week!


Toasty Toad Towers Studios

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