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Short article about the development of GrannyWatch.

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Hello everyone!!

This week our artist made some studies regarding the kitchen area for our game as well as some logo studies which you will get to choose on our Instagram page!!

Starting with the kitchen studies, there's two types of study done to better understand the furniture placement and posotion of things in different views.

The two top views have differerent flooring as well as some other items like the blinds, the door carpet and some objects on the counter top.


This is the first kitchen study.


This is the second kitchen study.


This is the third and last kitchen study.

On the last kitchen study, we can look a little more in depth at how the furniture looks and its placement in the room.

Now, the logo studies.

We tried different approaches with a simpler one and two more detailed ones with a special and unique touch with our two main characters making an appearance on the last one (both characters are subject to change as we still need to do the character design).


These are the three different logo studies.

Thank you for your attention.

Stay tuned for next week!


Toasty Toad Towers Studios

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