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Post news RSS Developer Update #15 1st Playable Demo!

We have released some parts of the vertical slice we have been working on lately. You can wander through the start of the game learning how to play. Getting feedback is the only way we can truly improve on the game so please send the good and the bad our way!

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The demo will allow you to go from the main menu through to the 4th Limbo area. This area has only just started so once there you can't really do anything.

The game will launch in a Unity web player here

There's still plenty of things on our to do list before this is ready but we thought we would release an early demo just to find out what the community think of it all so far. The demo should probably last around 10 minutes.

There are a few things in particular we are looking for comments on.

  • Is the game fun?
  • Do you like the music/sounds?
  • Do you like the art style/graphics?
  • Is it clear what you need to do as you play?
  • Are the controls easy enough to use?

We have had a new graphic designer join the team and he is working through changing all of the interface. Some of the new stuff is in and other sections use the old stuff. We hope to have it all converted in the new release.

Here are a few things that are on our to do list as suggested by the team and others who have tested. We always take on board suggestions from the community so please share your thoughts!

Allow the player to move around while on the moving platform (island 3).
The objective window overlaps the inventory window.
Some objects on floating islands don't move with the island.
Implement the battle music/music transitions.
Alter some of the tutorial dialogues.
Add more animations to the main character for combat and events.
Finish the opening cutscene.

Most importantly please let us know if you find IronLight fun to play!


Had a try, the controls feel off perhapse due to the players movement, he for example had an issue getting to the chests, might be worth making a ramp collision plane, also couldnt see how to use the gumballs, so ended up clicking the item then tapping M however this deleted the item.

Is the game fun? Hard to say at this moment.

Do you like the art style/graphics? I like the edge texture on the floating islands grass, i think you need more small details to liven up the game world.

Is it clear what you need to do as you play? Not to clear on the inventory, a more clear guide to what the purpose of the stats are, why go magic? over attack?

Are the controls easy enough to use? With no jump and slow rotation its easy to loose control, this doesnt feel fun when your character wont go were its told to.

You also might want to add some deadly "fog/cloud" under the floating world, so if you fall off, you die and dont fall for infinity.

Just my2c

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blacklancestudio Author

Thanks heaps for the feedback! To address some of the things you mentioned. Ideally you can't fall off but still testing to make sure that all sides are blocked.

Have encountered the stairs issue with getting to the chests so definitely in the todo. Instructions on item use has been completely overlooked so adding to the list now.

Regarding jumping, a few people have requested it while others agree with leaving it out. At the moment the only purpose for jumping would be for the sake of it. We may put it back in if we can give it more purpose but want to avoid feature creep.

The stats is an interesting thing given you don't use the magic or mana yet. They are explained later in the game but I see what you mean. Should they perhaps be hidden at the start? Or maybe an explanation of each statistic? Just don't want to bombard the player with too much information at the start.

Thanks again for the feedback it's greatly appreciated and have taken it all on board! Will be posting a slight demo update tomorrow night.

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