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In the first DevDiary for Oak, I will overview a few different aspect of the development of the title. Along with some brief explanation to the overall feel of the game and future development plans. This is a quick "Hello" of sorts.

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Greetings! Thanks for taking the time to check out the first DevDiary for Oak. This project started as a showcase and has now grown to a full-fledged user experience. First things first, I would like to address some basics to the actual Gameplay of Oak. Oak is a “Walking-Simulator” of sorts. My objective is to capture the player with an engaging story and a mysterious world to explore. Simple platforming may be needed to traverse the landscape, along with exploration puzzles and the further uncovering of the story. However, this project, due to the small nature of the team (as of writing this, Retrospect has a modest Developer count of 1; myself.) has a sole purpose to remind players of a human world that we all share. Which then brings up my next topic.

Considering the small team, Oak is designed to be short and sweet. With my pipeline at an estimated year and a half completion, my goal is to make Oak about an hour and half long experience. However, this may very between players. A lot of the assets used are either original or modified Crytek assets, or my own created work, of course. With the AAA-quality visuals of the CryEngine V and their generosity of providing various assets to use, it was a no brainer for me to continue the support of my projects with Crytek. For years, the CryEngine has been the staple for stunning visuals and smooth gameplay- those being two major factors for Oak.

What you see in the trailer is the opening level of Oak. I've implemented the Day/Night cycle, volumetric fog and clouds, and Global Illumination features of the engine. These will be prominent in the final product. Scripts are wrapping up nicely, the world is getting built at a great pace. Now all I need is the exposure for this project. If you like what you see; please like, share, comment, whatever you want to keep this Game in a light. Support is all I need, and I can continue this passion for you all to experience. Thank you for reading the first brief Diary for Oak. I look forward to speaking with you all and showing off more of this project in the future.


Jared Brooks

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