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Historical background + map sneak peek for the upcoming map

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Hello soldiers !

We hope you’ve been enjoying Isonzo and the latest Piave map ! We’re aware that with this update, a new ‘fall through map’ issue has arised. Please know that we’re aware of this and looking into solving this issue (alongside other reports). Here you can find an overview of Known Issues and the FAQ if you have any questions.

Besides this, we’re currently also working on bringing you the final map of the Caporetto expansion, the well-known (and requested) Monte Grappa map ! We can’t give you a release date yet, but what we can do is provide you with some information on the Battles of Monte Grappa.

Most Important Pillar

The Battles of Monte Grappa were a series of battles that were fought at the end of 1917 until the end of 1918.

The first battle is well-known for putting the Austro-Hungarian advance to a halt after the Summer Offensive of 1917. Previously when he was still chief, Cadorna had ordered the construction of multiple fortresses in the mountain, making the mountain impenetrable. The Austro-Hungarians and Germans were unable to take the mountain’s summit during this first battle. For the Italians, their front was not stabilised along the Piave river and their number of casualties were significantly lower.

1280px WWI   Battle of the Piave
Trenches on Grappa. Source

The second battle was complementary to the Battle of Piave River, which took place on June 15-23 1918. This is seen as a decisive victory for the Italians and beginning of the end for the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In January 1918, General von Hötzendorf wrote to his wife “We can no longer coin on victory in Italy.”.This front was easier to defend for the Italians, as it was shorter, now chief Diaz had the opportunity to reorganise and re-equip his army. Due to this, combined with increased rations and pay, the morale and discipline of the Italian soldiers was restored.

Now with new and stronger spirits among the Italian soldiers, the support of the home front grew as well (or moderate amongst the working class). The battles got the name battaglia d'arresto, ‘the Stop Battles’, and the mountain became a symbol for this new defensive war and survival of the homeland; resulting in the unification of Italian political forces.

Italian Victory awaits

The third and final battle of Monte Grappa started on October 24, 1918. Being part of the final Italian offensive, the Battle of Vittorio Veneto, 9 Italian divisions attacked the Austro-Hungarian’s position at the mountain. The task of the Italians was to ‘simply’ hold the front line and follow up the enemy when they retreated. The task of opening the attack and taking on the strongest positions fell to the Fourth Army, led by Lieutenant-General Gaetano Giardino.

800px Sul Grappa

Italian Machine gunners. Source

Though they increased their forces, outnumbering the Italians in divisions, the soldiers were too worn down and the army began to do a general retreat on October 28. when Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic & Slovak Republic) declared their independence from Austria-Hungary.

A sacred place

Shortly after the war in 1922, the Italian government declared Monte Grappa sacred and immortal to the Fatherland. Later in 1935, a military monument was built on the mountain, turning it into a destination for patriotic pilgrims and history fans.

Sacrario del Monte Grappa 73

Meanwhile on the Western- & Eastern Front

Until the 26th, you can join the March Offensive in Verdun & Tannenberg on PC ! All casualties in Frontlines- & Maneuver game modes will be added to the total losses. The winning side will be whoever suffers the least amount of killed and wounded soldiers.

metagame march 2023

Grappa in Isonzo

As stated before, we can’t give you a release date for the Grappa map, for now. As always, we’ll continue to update you all on future content, so be sure to look out for a map devblog regarding Monte Grappa ! For now, enjoy this screenshot !

Isonzo Grappa Teaser Shot Firepo

See you later soldiers!

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