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In the month of december I added saving/loading, campfires and pebbles to the world of Beyond Technology!

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the third devblog of Beyond Technology here on IndieDB!

I haven't got too much content to show you in this devblog, because saving and loading in particular took a ton of time to implement, a lot of code had to be changed to get it to work.

So lets start with the content!


The first thing I did this month was adding a researching system to the game.
You have to put different items together in order to unlock recipes. This process will NOT consume the items, though.

research 1 research


This took a lot of time to implement, as I said above. I also had to come up with a good system for blocks to store custom data, like inventory data or some other stuff!
Anyways I also added a new menu, the world saving/loading menu (as you might have guessed). The Play button in the main menu doesn't take you straight into the game anymore,
it takes you to the new menu instead.





Pebbles are small stones generated on the surface of the world. They are currently only used for crafting. Only for the biface recipe to be exact.



The campfire is a block which will enable you to cook food and other stuff in the early game of Beyond Technology. It will not be automatable.
You have to give it some kind of fuel, like wood or coal. Different fuel will also have different burntime and will reach different temperatures.

campfirecampfire 1

That is pretty much it!

I hope you like the new stuff! Be sure to post a comment with your feedback!

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