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I refactored my rendering system to add features like normal maps, bloom, and more. Check out the new look :)

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I've refactored the rendering system in my engine.
The old way of rendering was complete in SDR.
In this update I created a separate off screen framebuffer that everything is rendered to first.
This offscreen framebuffer is a float framebuffer, and can store values outside of the normal [0,1] range.
This allows me to store realistic lighting values.
Before the imagine is rendered on screen, the offscreen framebuffer is put on the main framebuffer and mapped back to a [0,1] range using Reinhard tone mapping.

To make things look better I added a simple bloom implementation.

sa vid22 bloom

sa vid22 damaginggenerator

It just collects anything emitting light greater than some specified value.
A series of Horizontal and Vertical Gaussian blurs are applied to the high light value colors and then blended back onto the final image.

I also added normal maps to the rendering engine.

sa vid22 normalmaping

I added a fire effect behind the ship to give illusion that something is actually pushing the ship forward.

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